Capacitive Touch Sensor (Customized Made-to-order Product)

The Capacitive Touch Sensor TC200 is a multifunctional input device suitable for input operation of various portable digital devices. A capacitive sensor enables a light touch sensing and realizes menu selection and scrolling operations. The TC200 can be mounted inside the case. So, the design of the sensor size fitted the thickness or decoration of the case, and the optimization of the operation sensitivity suited for the mounting environment are possible. The detection circuit includes an original 1-chip controller, and the signal is outputted through serial interface (I2C or SPI) or GPIO. The controller can be added functions such as LED control as options.


  • ·Capacitive sensor can detect turning the switch on and off by touching lightly.
  • ·Supports button and slider operation.
  • ·High degree of freedom in surface design of the device.
  • ·Durable design realized by free of mechanical parts.
  • ·Sensitivity can be adjusted to the mounting conditions.
  • ·Additional functions such as illumination (LED control) available as options.


  • Mobile Phone

Reference Specifications

Operating Voltage 2.8~5.0V
Operating Current 1.6mA(TYP) VDD = 2.8V
Standby Current 80μA(TYP) VDD = 2.8V
Interface I2C、SPI、GPIO
Output Button On/Off data, Touch coordinate data

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