UP-JAB9 Series

Optical Touch Panel for 15-inch LCD

The UP-JAB9 Series is an optical touch panel for diagonal 15-inch LCD's. The optical touch panel provides pairs of infrared light emitting and receiving element on the X-Y axis, and the light is emitted between each element. By an interruption of the light with an object such as a finger, the interrupted position is detected. The UP-JAB9 Series offers outstanding durability and clear image.
The UP-JAB9 Series is originally designed to prevent malfunction due to the strong ambient light that is peculiar problem to the optical touch panel. Because the UP-JAB9 Series doesn't malfunction even under the direct sunlight, this offers a high degree of freedom in the system location.
There is a wide range of applications including operation displays of ATMs, ticket vending machines and public access terminals that are used by unspecified people.


  • ·Applicable to 15-inch LCD's.
  • ·Optical touch panel withstanding the strong ambient light. Doesn't malfunction even under the direct sunlight from nearly horizontal against the surface of display.
  • ·Thin design with 9.9 mm thick.
  • ·High response scanning at a scan time of 15 ms (TYP.) per scan.
  • ·Element pitch: 6.0 mm x 6.0 mm. (Minimum detectable size: 8.9 mm in dia.)
  • ·Serial coordinate data output is an RS-232C and a USB.
  • ·Withstands repeated touch and suitable for public access terminals.
  • ·Touch panel driver can control two screens including combination with a different type touch panel. The touch panel driver supports Windows(R)XP, Windows Vista(R) (32 bit) and Windows(R)7 (32 bit) See Note 1.

Note 1: Windows(R) and Windows Vista(R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

General Specifications

  • ATM
  • Ticket Vending Machine
  • POS
  • KIOSK Terminal

General Specifications

Product Number UP-JAB9-A UP-JAB9-B UP-JAB9-C UP-JAB9-D UP-JAB9-E

Power Supply


Operating Temperature


Storage Temperature -20℃~+65℃

Operating Humidity

20 to 90% RH, no dew condensation.

Storage Humidity 5 to 90% RH, no dew condensation.
Color of Bezel Black
Outline Dimensions

356(W)×273(H)×9.9(D)mm (Including rear panel)
Sensor Portion Detection Type Infrared light interruption method
Screen Size 308.3(W)×231.5(H)mm Applicable to 15-inch LCD's.
Active Area 304(W)×228(H)mm
Number of Elements 52(W)×39(H)
Number of Elements 6 x 6 mm
Resolution Double or Quadruple precision
Double or Quadruple precision Φ8.9mm
Double or Quadruple precision

100,000 lx min. (Angle of incidence: 20 deg. min.)

25,000 -100,000 lx min. (Angle of incidence: under 20 deg. )

Material of Panel Acrilic Reinforced glass
Surface Treatment of Panel Hard coat 6H, AG, Antibacterial Hard coat 6H, AG AG (Both sides)
Thickness of Panel 3 mm
Rear Panel Mold resin Metal Mold resin Metal Metal
Control Board Outline Dimensions 83.82(W)×53.34(H)×6.45(D)mm
Interface USB2.0(Full Speed 12 Mbps) or RS-232C
Interface Connector

DF11-16DP-2DS(52) : USB
DF13A-8P-1.25H(51) : RS-232C
SM03B-SRSS-TB : Anomaly detection (Optional)

Power Supply USB Connector, RS-232C Connector
USB Connector, RS-232C Connector 15ms(TYP.)
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Outline Dimensions

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