UT3-B15 Series

15-inch XGA Dual Video Interface

The UT3-B15 Series are touch panel monitors with a 15-inch XGA (1024 x 768 pixels) TFT color LCD module as the same as the UT3-15 Series. Renewed design has improved functionality and performance, and has realized a variety of forms.
The UT3-B15 Series are functionally compatible with the UT3-15 Series, and they are equipped with two video ports - an analog RGB and a digital visual interface (DVI-D). They supports two different touch panel interfaces, the RS-232C and the USB.
The UT3-B15 Series are optimal touch panel monitors for a wide variety of applications.


  • Use the industry's first(*1) LED backlit LCD as for industrial use.
    1. Power consumption by half compared to our current product.
    2. Long life, and lifetime value; 50,000 hours (LED 100% of rated light, ambient temperature of 25 deg. C, the ability estimates)
    3. Fine brightness adjustment (adjustment range: 1 to 100%) can further extend operating life and saving the power consumption.
    4. Without use of mercury and environmentally friendly.

  • The RAS functions(*2) can improve equipment utilization.
    1. With touch panel fault information, alarm output is capable(*3).

  • Easy set up with the original software.
    1. Can update the firmware from the host PC.
    2. Power save settings.
    3. Touch panel driver can control two screens including in combination with a different type touch panel.
    4. The touch panel driver supports Windows (R) 7 (32bit version), Windows Vista (R) (32bit version), and Windows (R) XP.(*4)

  • Support of Standards: RoHS, CE, VCCI-B, CCC (pending)

※1 Our check as of March 2010.
※2 RAS is a concept for increasing reliability with considering (1)Reliability, (2)Availability, (3)Serviceability.
※3 Only for optical touch panel used type.
※4 Windows (R), Windows Vista (R) are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.


  • ATM and Self Service Terminal
  • Digital Signage
  • Public Access Terminal
  • Multimedia KIOSK
  • Amusement Machine
  • Industrial Equipment
  • Medical Equipment, etc.

■ Common Specifications
Power +12 to +24 VDC +/- 5% 16 W max.
Operating Temperature 0 to +50 deg. C
Storage Temperature -20 to +60 deg. C
Operating Ambient Humidity 85% RH max. (No condensation)
Cooling Air cooling
Display Size 38 cm diagonal (15-inch) TFT-LCD (Color)
Active Area 304.1 mm (H) X 228.1 mm (V)
Number of Pixels 1024 X 768 pixels
Pixel Pitch 0.297 mm X 0.297 mm
Number of Colors 16.77 million colors(※1)
Brightness 350 cd/m2 (Value as LCD Module)
Viewing Angle Right / Left / Up / Down: 80 deg., (Contrast ratio 10:1 min., Value as LCD Module)
Backlight White LED
Video Signal Mode Analog RGB / DVI-D
Video Signal Analog 0.7 Vp-p (Input impedance 75 ohms) / DVI Standard compliant
Synchronizing Signal TTL (Analog RGB)
Display Mode 1024 X 768, 800 X 600, 640 X 480, 720 X 400 (VGA Text)
Video Interface Analog RGB (Mini D-sub 15-pin) / DVI (DVI-I 29-pin)
Touch Panel Interface RS-232C (D-sub 9-pin) / USB2.0 (Full Speed 12 Mbps, B connector)
Power Supply Connector 1-178295-2 (Pin type) / LGP6531-0800F (DC Power Jack / for 12 VDC)

■ Individual Specifications
Type Open Frame Bezel Bezel and Rear Case
Product Number UT3-B15NNX3RDN-A  UT3-B15FWX3RDN-A  UT3-B15RWX3RDN-A  
Outline Dimensions
(W X H X D)
341.6 X 257.2 X 43.3mm 357 X 299.5 X 47.5mm 357 X 299.5 X 50.5mm
Weight 2.6kg max. 2.9kg max. 3.2kg max.
Protection Class IP42(※2)
Audio Input 3.5 mm in dia. Stereo Mini Jack
Speaker 1 W + 1 W (Stereo)
Touch Panel Type Resistive
Touch Panel Resolution 1024 X 1024 / 1024 X 768
Touch Panel Output Switch address output (ASCII code)
Touch Panel Operating Force 1.47 N (150 gf) min.
Type Bezel, Rear Case and Stand Stand Monitor(No Touch Panel) Optical Touch Panel and Open Frame
Outline Dimensions
(W X H X D)
357 X 358 X 200mm 356 X 273 X 53.2mm
Weight 6.0kg max. 2.9kg max.
Protection Class IP42(※2) IP65(※2)
Audio Input 3.5 mm in dia. Stereo Mini Jack
Speaker 1 W + 1 W (Stereo)
Touch Panel Type Resistive Infrared
Touch Panel Resolution 1024 X 1024 / 1024 X 768 52 X 39(※3)
Touch Panel Output Switch address output
(ASCII code)
Switch address output
(ASCII code)
Touch Panel Operating Force 1.47 N (150 gf) min.
※1 The actual display colors depend on the display capacity of the computer connected.
※2 Between bezel and panel, in the front only.
※3 Number of optical elements. Double, quad-precision.

Product Number

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