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(12.20. 2017)


USB 3.1 Certified Type-C to Standard-A Cable Harness
Has Been Added to the USB Type-CTM "DX07 Series"

DX07 series USB 3.1 Certified Type-C to Standard-A Cable Harness supplied by JAE electronics

JAE has begun mass-production of a USB 3.1 Gen 2 certified cable harness with a USB Type-C connector and a USB 3.1 Standard-A connector.

In addition to the existing cable harnesses and receptacle and plug connectors, it will be made available to customers as part of the "DX07 Series" family of products.

This product is compliant with the USB 3.1 Gen 2 specifications and supports up to 10Gbps USB SuperSpeed Plus communication and 3A power supply.

With this DX07 cable harness equipping a USB 3.1 Standard type-A plug on one side, it can be used for various devices with already wide-spread type-A connection ports.

Furthermore the Type C connector is compatible with the feature enabling reversible mating with no need to worry about the plug orientation.

As a next generation interface standard, adoption of the USB Type-C connectors are increasing in various markets such as PCs, hand-held devices, audio visual devices, portable gaming devices and industrial equipment.

JAE has taken part in the development of the USB Type-C connector specification from the early planning phase and has contributed to the standardization. Using our past experiences we have expanded the line-up of the compatible plug and receptacle connectors, and cable harnesses in the "DX07 Series".

Through these activities the "DX07 Series" has achieved high quality and stable production. The receptacles, plug and harnesses are already adopted by a number of major companies worldwide.

With these proven results for high connection reliability it can be used with confidence, and the minimized connector hood area on both ends improves the degree of freedom of handling when connected with devices.

Moreover, it is possible to correspond with original design requirements from customers.

We will continue to expand product variations of the Type-C compatible DX07 cable harnesses to support a wide range of customer needs.

- USB Type-CTM is a trademark of USB Implementers Forum, Inc.

:: Features of USB Type-C "DX07 Series" Cable Harness

  • USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Standard-A Cable Harness
  • Compatible with Universal Serial Bus Type-C Specification Release 1.3
  • Compatible with 10Gbps SuperSpeed Plus communication (USB 3.1 Gen2)
  • Supports 3A max power supply
  • Symmetric interface which allows for the Type-C plug to be inserted upside down or right side up.
  • Superior EMI / EMC characteristics.
  • Lock structure with superior durability.
  • Realizes downsizing of hood.


:: Specifications


Connector Type USB Type-C Plug to USB 3.1 Standard-A Plug Cable Harness
Product Number DX07519S10L19294 DX07519B10L18748
Rated Current
3A max.
Applicable Standards

USB3.1 Gen2
Material / Color
(hood, bushing, and cable)
PVC / Black TPE / Black
USB Certification
Certified Now Planned
5,200,000,613 -
No. of Contacts for Plug
USB Type-C: 24 pos.
USB 3.1 Standard-A: 9 pos.
Rated Voltage

AC20 Vr.m.s.

Contact Resistance

USB Type-C: Initial 40 mΩ max.
USB 3.1 Standard-A: Initial 50 mΩ max

Dielectric Withstanding
AC 40 V r.m.s. (for 1 minute)
Note) The spec is not including components and component’s line on the paddle card.
Insulation Resitance
Initial 10MΩ min.
Operating Temperature
+10℃ to +40℃
Mating Durability
USB Type-C: 10,000 times (based on USB Type-C specifications)
USB 3.1 Standard-A: 1500 times (based on USB 3.1 specifications)


:: Applicable Market

Mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, notebook PCs, TV, monitor, gaming devices, external storage mediums, digital cameras, and other small portable devices and industrial equipment

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